Paws In Motion Pet Services specialises in assisting owners  of all dog breeds with behavioural issues such as jumping, barking, digging, resource guarding, and can also help with toilet training and the benefits of crate training. 
All dogs need the opportunity to burn off energy for their mental and physical wellbeing.  Walking for exercise and going for ‘smell walks’ are great boredom busters, and help eliminate unwanted behaviours such as barking, digging and other destructive activities, often the result of boredom or lack of companionship. 
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A pet is for life

Pets are a big part of many families and they even have proven advantages for us as well such as improved health (Lower blood pressure and cholesterol and recovering quicker from surgery etc.), coping better with stress, less likely to be lonely and increased quality of life.

Before you choose your pet, there are many things that need to be considered like their size, energy level, grooming/maintenance, expenses and how much time you have for them. It is also important to carefully research the breed first so you can understand what typical behaviour they are likely to display, remembering they also have individual personalities as well.

When you have decided what type of pet you want to bring into your family, consider adopting a pet from a shelter, pound or rescue group instead of replying to a “free to good home” from an advertising site which encourages back yard breeding.

Remember a pet is for life not just until circumstances change, that could be 15-20 years for a dog or cat or 80+ years for some birds!